Our Story

We started investing in real estate over 25 years ago as a personal interest.  Since then, we have bought and sold a number of investment, speculative and recreational properties.  In the process we have developed a passion for real estate.

Prior to real estate, our team of professionals worked in roles as financial analysts, accounting, investment management and banking with large national and internationally known brands of companies.

Today, we are excited about bringing together our extensive backgrounds and experience, our passion for real estate and the love of helping people to this exciting business.  With over 25 years sales and service experience we know what it takes to deliver results!

Our clients past and present describe us as a very energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable and highly effective Real Estate consultants providing a level of service which exceeds their expectations.  It is this level of service, always anticipating our clients needs in advance, which contributes to our continued success and expanding list of happy clients.

We think of our team as not simply real estate agents, but rather real estate advisors.  In 2007 while the market was going through a “correction”, we identified that business is more about people and guidance then it is about contracts and deals. It was during this time, that our guidance recommended many of our clients to hold and wait to list their properties until the market normalized versus listing and selling as market statistics proved market nervousness versus economic indicators was driving the market down.  We have a philosophy of working for the client, not for the deal.  Sometimes that means drilling down, understanding a client’s needs, and coaching them to make a move at the right time that suits their unique situation.  We are relationship builders and here for the long term interest of our clients and not short term opportunists. Trust is everything in relationships and that’s what we strive for!

Allow our dedication to service excellence paired with the skills and experience required to succeed in this industry work for you (or your referrals) in navigating this ever changing real estate market.